A Swedish Transaction Advisory Firm with International Reach

Skarpa was founded in 2007, primarily as an advisor to entrepreneurs. After 10 years in the industry with offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, we are now a Swedish transaction advisory firm with international reach.

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Skarpa has executed over 50 transactions of companies valued between 20 to 300 million SEK to an accumulated transaction value of 2 billion SEK.

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Company Valuations

Skarpa delivers services to private individuals, businesses, corporations and private equity companies who wish to acquire companies.

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Financial Advisory

Skarpa has executed many transactions of companies valued between 20 to 300 million SEK

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Kungsgatan 59
111 22 Stockholm
08-669 86 62


Lilla Bommen 6
411 04 Göteborg
031-711 86 30


Dockgatan 3B
211 12 Malmö
040-21 60 62

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