Since 1906, Alfort & Cronholm has been one of the country’s leading suppliers of paint tools for paint- and construction industry. With the acquisition of QPT, Alfort & Cronholm strengthens its competence and capacity in painting tools and strengthens its positions in Finland and Norway. Alfort & Cronholm has 67 employees and has a turnover of approximately 400 MSEK.

Since 1993, QPT has designed, manufactured and offered painting tools to the professional and DIY market. With product groups like Advance, Absolute and Pro Bulk, QPT offers a broad product mix to its target groups. QPT with base in Jönköping and 11 employees have a turnover of MSEK 56.

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Skarpa advised Alfort & Cronholm in the transaction.

Skarpas transaction team
Jesper Wigelius
Magnus Lövdén

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